Anycubic Kossel Plus

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Anycubic Kossel Plus

Post by Screwyluie » Sat Jun 10, 2017 3:57 pm

I'm wondering if anyone has one and what they think. At this price point it seems to be in a league of it's own and I'm considering picking one up but I'm treading into the unknown so to speak and I'm looking for all the info I can about it before I commit.

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Re: Anycubic Kossel Plus

Post by LuckyB » Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:55 am

I'm not owning the Anycubic Kossel Plus but the Anycubic Kossel Mini Kit with Linear rails. To my understanding the only major difference between both machines is the usage of longer rods in the Plus version, the rest of the machine seems to be the same.
For me the kit was a nice starting point for getting to understand the delta printer technology, but unfortunately in my case one out of 6 carbon rods was 2mm shorter than the rest - which as I found out after having assembled the whole machine has a huge impact on printing accuracy.
As I did not want to tinker too much with the firmware I followed the advice of my more tech savvy brother and designed my own parts that allowed me to get rid of all the various possibilities where the Anycubic kit introduces room for mechanical errors (e.g. I wanted to fix the linear rails exactly in the middle of the aluminium extrusion, since the original design allows for slightly tilted angles when mounting those rails).
With this mechanical error correction exercise I got the machine to a point where the printing accuracy was in an error range <1% in length as well as <1° in angles, which was okay for me.
Furthermore I designed my own effector to be able to house a BLTouch sensor, the E3D v6 hotend plus E3D Titan with pancake stepper as flying extruder setup, plus a LED ring around the extruder tip to light up my actual printing area.
All in all a nice machine - but prepare for a lot of tinkering if you really want to get the best out of it. Especially replacing the extruder with an original E3D v6 may avoid experiencing a lot of printing failures due to clogged nozzle etc.

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Re: Anycubic Kossel Plus

Post by MartinKlein » Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:42 pm


Is your effector design publicly available? I have designed several parts for this printer that can be found there:


The Anycubic Delta is a nice tinkering toy, not a functioning kit as it is out of the box. From my experience and just as LuckyB mentioned the delta rods are never equally long in these kits. Mine came with a lousy linear rail too, and it took Anycubic three attempts to send me a new one. In fact when I complained about the faulty linear rail, they started sending delta rods my way... twice!!! (out of habit? most common complaint?) Though I have nine rods from them, I ended up making new ones myself, in the end.

Their support is mediocre at best and the overall quality ranges from good to really, really bad/unuseable on different parts. If you own a functioning 3d printer and want to play with a delta - buy it! Otherwise stay away... definetly not a printer for beginners IMHO.

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Re: Anycubic Kossel Plus

Post by LuckyB » Fri Jun 16, 2017 12:11 am

@MartinKlein: as I'm still tinkering its not yet published on Thingiverse, but can be looked at in Onshape in its various iterations:

effector early versions: ... 779822a75f

effector latest version: ... 5011e0c1e9

Endstop for linear rail fixation: ... 5d431e3419, document "end stop with linear guide"

The last document was actually one of my first training lessons in getting to grip with Onshape, as I tried to construct as much Kossel pieces as possible in Onshape in order to learn how to design stuff. Thus many design mistakes may be still included in the documents, but hey, as long as it works ;-)

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Re: Anycubic Kossel Plus

Post by ViennaBlood » Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:48 pm

I don't know if this thread is still active, but would like to add my 0.02$ anyway.

My personal opinion: if you get it for a good price and can live with it not being perfect - get it. But be aware that there seems to be some luck involved in getting good quality parts.

I got lucky, my delta rods were all of equal length and all 3 linear rods are working fine.
My only manufacturing issue seems to be my glass plate, which is not a plate but a glass bowl.

The printer does have it's share of problems and annoyances.
The "t-nuts" are actually little pieces of an aluminium bar with threaded holes in them. They are not always rectangular, and the threads can be misaligned (very annoying when you try to insert a screw in a hard to reach place and it just won't grip because it hits the thread at an angle). These WILL drive you slightly crazy when assembling the printer.

The electronics under the bed run very hot, even without the heated bed installed.

The tension of the Mk8 style extruder can not be adjusted.

The belts (very slightly) touch the screws holding the endstops in place.

The mainboard is a RAMPS 1.3 all-in-one clone, with some pins configured differently. If you want to load a different firmware you have to pick "RAMPS 1.3/1.4" and correct the settings yourself, or the hotend cooling fan will not run (not a problem in Repetier, their configuration tool allows you to pick the pin number for the fan). Pin 44 = hotend cooling fan, just in case you need it.
I believe the "original" Anycubic firmware is Marlin 1.0 RC8, with their own code added to run the hotend fan on pin 44, instead of just configuring it properly.

The part cooling fan is a real weakness. To maximize build height most of the hotend (plus its fan) and the part cooling fan are installed above the effector plate. That means the tiny blower fan has to push the air through a hole in the effector plate. This hole has an area of approx. 2cm^2. And that means it is nearly impossible to get more air to cool your part without completely redesigning the effector (see LuckyB's efforts above).

My Kossel Plus has its own share of weaknesses/quirks (which acutally might be my own fault):
On longer/larger prints it sometimes starts underextruding/skipping steps on the extruder motor, and I have not been able to figure out why. It also often recovers on its own, without my interference.
All of my vertical extrusions seem to bend inwards very slightly (the printer has a "waist"). I don't know if this is something I did when building the printer - I had all the extrusions laid out and touching/comparing them multiple times during the build, and I think i would have noticed if they really were bent.

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