Light weight cartrige for 2.85mm filament

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Light weight cartrige for 2.85mm filament

Post by sani89 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 4:51 pm


I'm building a 3D printer and have a few questions for community :) I already build two of them and sold them, they are both for large scale printing. Now i have a bit of money, knowledge and time to start modelling a new upgraded version. Printer has a build volume of 1000x1000x1000mm.

Now printing speeds are around 50mm/s, I want to reach 150-200mm/s, which means reducing weight of cartridge. Printer has Cartesian design.

:arrow: dual exstruder (Up till now I always put two nozzles, which means that I need two motors. This is something I want to keep while one nozzle is printing support from PVA and other prints actual print from ABS,PLA or Nylon)

:arrow: water cooling

:arrow: I aim for cartridge to have 500g (the best is even less) and defiantly will use direct drive system while i lost half of my hair to bowden configuration. Cartridge would be water cooled, (up till now i used peltier element for cooling down, but with cooling ribs, fan it quickly went up to 300g just for cooling the peltier down). For now i use nema 17 motors, but i dont know how to measure or calculate torque necessary to put filament trough nozzle. Nema 17 alone is 350g and i would like to use nema 11 with planetary gear. Here ... ma%2011%20 they say it weighs only 110g! but would it have enough torque to put 2.85mm filament trough nozzle?

:arrow: Do you think it is possible to reach speeds like that with requirements described ?

anyways, thank you for your answers!



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Re: Light weight cartrige for 2.85mm filament

Post by metoking2 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:49 am

you can ask this stepper motor seller for help. They are very professional.

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Re: Light weight cartrige for 2.85mm filament

Post by Bartolobot » Thu Sep 06, 2018 6:01 am

Hi I had a similar design goal for my Printer. Although not quite as large as yours its Total size is 1000x 500x500mm but my Z height can be configured to go much higher. some of the things i did to make my carriage as light as possible. Only carry what hardware that was absolutely necessary to be on the carriage. for example the two extruder motors can be bowden through a tube and located near the center of the machine and off the carriage. And obviously the Y axis motor and hardware can also be off loaded from the carriage. so the only motor on the carriage is the X axis motor. and anything else like Y axis end stops . and any thing that requires wiring and can be offloaded not only reduces the weight of the carriage but reduces the drag on it. Less wires to bend and drag. Speaking of dragging use a good quality cable chain carrier of the smallest size to suit your wires. another thing I did was use Carbon fiber shafts 12mm with light weight self lubricated bushings on the carriage. one more suggestion is to drill and shave any unnecessarily heavy Aluminum Baring Blocks or structure .
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Re: Light weight cartrige for 2.85mm filament

Post by gmedlicott » Thu Nov 08, 2018 5:32 am

Sounds like a serious printer! What size nozzle and feed rates do you foresee? The extruder motor is sized to the pressure in the nozzle it has to overcome, which is a function of filament feed-rate and temperature, among other things. For high volume prints, a large 1.2mm nozzle reduces the back-pressure the most.

For the extruder, one of the lighter direct drive extruders in the E3D Titan, which can be used with a 110g pancake motor in some cases. Another direct option is the Bondtech BMG extruder which is also geared. I use the Bondtech QR extruder, which is a beast for pushing very high flow rates (50mm3/s with a DIY double length volcano), but its quite heavy, and would need to be mounted floating if high carriage speed was needed.

I found travel speed wasn't very important at high flow rates, as the nozzle is large enough that the limit is the amount you can melt, which limits travel speeds, i.e. to 60mm/s in my case (1.4mm width from 1.2 nozzle x .6mm height x 60mm/s = 50mm3/s).

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