TOM's i3 Dolly Prusa MK2 scad

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Re: TOM's i3 Dolly Prusa MK2 scad

Post by Moorviper » Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:02 am

This one is better than the original :D

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Re: TOM's i3 Dolly Prusa MK2 scad

Post by Aziraphale » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:05 pm

arden wrote:
Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:34 am
Thanks for the BLTouch notes, will come in handy if I decide to give it a go. Are you using Smoothieware on a ReARM or Smoothieboard? I have a ReARM sitting on the shelf I keep meaning to try, just to learn about another firmware.
I've come across a Thing on Thingiverse that already combines the 1mm shift for the Mk8 hobbed gear with the BL Touch mount: i3 MK2S BLTouch & MK8 Pulley by HeartFoxx. Still no SCAD for it :(

One of the comments says that they had to shift the BL Touch mount up 2mm to stop the probe getting in the way of the bed/prints, so I'll be doing that with my print of it. I figure that if the mount is too high, I can make up for it with a load of washers, but if it's too low I'm screwed :p

At this point I've reprinted every part of my printer (including a couple of upgrades/mods) except for the body and cover of the extruder, all in red ABS, and all at about 20% honeycomb infill, 4 perimeters and 4 top & bottom layers - i.e. a lot stronger than my current parts which keep breaking. My current parts were all warped to hell and the screw holes in vertical walls had awful droop from the top of them as well (despite them all being printed with full supports enabled even though I told the guy who printed them that supports weren't necessary cos the parts are designed to not need supports :p).

I'll print the extruder body & cover once I've made that tweak to the BL Touch mount position, but I suspect I won't have time to actually rebuild the printer until my week off work over Christmas/New Year, so I won't be able to confirm whether that 2mm shift was needed or not until then.

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Re: TOM's i3 Dolly Prusa MK2 scad

Post by Stefan » Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:25 am

Here's my version of the extruder. I moved the filament holes 1mm to the right so a mk8 hobbed gear works properly and moved the sensor mount 2.5mm to the right so the cable has enough clearance. This one is meant for the inductive sensors Tom listed on his BoM.


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Re: TOM's i3 Dolly Prusa MK2 scad

Post by madmike8 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 4:29 am

If you want to convert the Xend files to use TR8 Leadscrews and Nuts without an adapter. Change the lines below in the x-end.scad file.
I'm not sure if Arden wants to change his github files.

Code: Select all

// TR Nut trap
   // Hole for the nut
    translate(v=[0,-17, -1]) poly_cylinder(h = 9.01, r = 6, $fn = 25);//r=7 to 6
    translate(v=[0,-17, -0.1]) cylinder(h = 0.5, r1 = 6.8+0.8,r2 = 6, $fn = 25);//r2=7 to 6

// Screw holes for TR nut
    translate(v=[0,-17, 0]) rotate([0, 0, -135]) translate([0, 8, -1]) cylinder(h = 10, r = 1.8, $fn=25);//translate([0, 9.5, -1])change 9.5 to 8
    translate(v=[0,-17, 0]) rotate([0, 0, -135]) translate([0, -8, -1]) cylinder(h = 10, r = 1.8, $fn=25);//translate([0, -9.5, -1])change-9.5 to -8

// Nut traps for TR nut screws
    translate(v=[0,-17, 0]) rotate([0, 0, -135]) translate([0, 8, 6]) rotate([0, 0, 0])cylinder(h = 3, r = 3.45, $fn=6);//translate([0, 9.5, -1])change 9.5 to 8

    translate(v=[0,-17, 0]) rotate([0, 0, -135]) translate([0, -8, 6]) rotate([0, 0, 30])cylinder(h = 3, r = 3.2, $fn=6);//translate([0, -9.5, -1])change-9.5 to -8
    translate([-5.5,-17.2,6]) rotate([0,0,30]) cube([5,5,3]);
    translate([-0,-17.2,6]) rotate([0,0,60]) cube([5,10,3]);

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