Which FDM 3D Printer?

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Which FDM 3D Printer?

Post by Durahl » Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:57 am


I own a bunch of Tamiya 1:16th scale RC Tanks like a King Tiger and a Leopard 2A6 but I'm longing for more... Longing for things that don't exist - Like a PzKW E-100.

I already own a Formlabs Form 2 which I use for creating all sorts of stuff like a BattleTech RVN-4X, a belt case for my HP Elite X3 or some random parts for my Quadcopters and Bike. A while ago I toyed with the idea to 3D Print an E-100 using but doing so with the Form 2 would be... Excessive so I've been thinking about buying an FDM Printer to do the larger parts but I'm uncertain as to which Printer to go for.

I was initially leaning towards the Atom 2.5 ( Would look nice in my flat ) but I recall Tom mentioning that the Board that shipped with the 2.0 was rather lacking and I couldn't find any information about it ever upgrading to a state for it to receive Tom's uncompromised approval which I guess leaves me with my second choice, a Prusa i3 MK³ which appears to be THE choice these days although slightly lacking in the looks department.

Parts like the Drivetrain ( Tracks, Sprocket Wheel, Tensioner, Road Wheels ) will most likely still be made with the Form 2 because of the required detail but stuff like hull will be done using the FDM Printer ( or my X-Carve )

Any opinions on the Atom 2.5 or should I go with the i3 MK³?

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Re: Which FDM 3D Printer?

Post by MarkusKruse » Thu May 10, 2018 11:19 pm

With a budget that can buy an Atom I would go for a Makergear, Lulzbot or Prusa instead. Maybe a Zortrax?

I must say that the level of detail on their homepage is very vague. I have used an 8-bit board on two delta machines, but they were very cheap. Since they don't mention what type of board it is, I guess it isn't something good.

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