Filaments for electronic parts: Fire Retardant & Insulator

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Filaments for electronic parts: Fire Retardant & Insulator

Post by Kentxu » Wed May 02, 2018 1:39 pm

I need to make some electrical insulator parts and electronic enclosures.
Requirements (IEC61010):
Fire retardant to at least UL94-V2 or better (V1 & V0 is better, HB no good), ideally at 1mm thick, but it seems most specs are at 1.5mm.
Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) PLC1 (400-599V) or PLC0 (600V). This controls the creepage distance across the insulator surface.
Ideally UV resistant.

Found so far...
FDM filament:
Form Futura ABSpro: UL94-V0 @ 0.8mm, CTI ?, black so good for UV.
Taulman3d 645 Nylon: UL94-V2 @ 1.5mm, CTI ? (most taulman nylons have this UL94 spec)
SMARTFIL FP ABS: UL94-V1 @ 1.5mm, CTI PLC1 (400-599V), white so no good with UV.
AprintaPro FR Black PC-ABS: UL-94 V-0 @ ??mm, CTI ?, black so good for UV. (as reviewed by Tom, thanks!!).

SLS Powder:
Windform LX 3.0 Glass filled Nylon: UL94-HB (not good enough), CTI PLC0 (600V), black so good for UV.
EOS PA 2210 FR Nylon: UL94-V0 @ 2mm, CTI ?, white so not sure about UV.

I have a roll of SMARTFIL FP ABS to try as it was the only filament which spec'd CTI and will use it for internal parts which are not exposed to sunlight.
For the enclosure I plan to use Form Futura ABSpro and just make sure there are no creepage requirements on those parts.
Have made some test parts with Windform LX 3.0; a wonderful material! Almost as good as injection moulded parts, but quite expensive and only UL94-HB.

If anyone can suggest other materials to look at, or have any comments, please let me know!

Thanks, Ken

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