PVA Supports

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PVA Supports

Post by AA12 » Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:55 pm

Hey guys and girls, I am wondering if there is anyway to make the support material and build material different layer heights. I have found no way to do this in Cura or Simplify3D. I would really be curious if anyone knows any slicer that may support this feature because obviously this is going to drastically reduce print times when using supports.

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Re: PVA Supports

Post by chumm » Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:31 am

I don't know about Cura, but in Simplify3D you can use the "Print support every ___ layers" under the support settings. I haven't messed with this but if you set it to 2 and had .15mm layer heights, for example, it should print .3mm support material every 2 layers. I don't know what happens if you try something like print support every 5 layers (I would think it would give an error that the layer height is over your max) but it seems 2 should do what you're looking for. You have to do it this way instead of just entering 2 different heights because the support layer height has to be a multiple of the print layer height so it can safely print the supports without crashing into the print.

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