Introducing myself oakdesign

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Introducing myself oakdesign

Post by oakdesign » Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:09 am

Hello all
first of all my big warm tank you goes to Thomas for setting this Forum. This was the last missing piece in his superb setup of YouTube, Blog and Filaween.
My name is Richard I'm 47 years old, a professional Software Engineer from Eichstaett Bavaria Germany. I'm quite new to 3D printing my Anet A8 arrived about 4 weeks ago. Before I start something new I try to gather as much information as possible, so I did with 3D printing.
Why the Anet?
a) because it's cheap and doesn't hurt that much if it was a total waste
b) it was clear that I could upgrade it or even print parts for another printer.

I had some experience in Blender, Modeling for simulation games.
Ok like most newbees,noobs started with printing some upgrades for the printer itself.
All those upgrades went through a somehow scientific process to prove them. And yes quite a lot of them went to the bin because I proved them as useless in my own setup.

My main hobby is Metalwork mainly restoration of 2 Stroke Motorbikes and after just a week owning my 3D printer got the first request of a friend from the motorbike community if "this 3D thing can make spare parts ?" I answered let's give it a try. The needed part was a very little horn knob for a Honda CB Four four 1973. He still had an old broken one so it was quite easy to Model it in Fusion 360, my new first choice for technical models. Even so the knob is only about 10x10x10 mm with 2mm holes and some 0.5 slots I was quite impressed on the fished part.
On our next meeting I arrived and immediately started to install the knob an the Honda that was parked at the meeting point.
All of a sudden my friend tipped my shoulder:" Hi Richard what are you doing? Installing the knob? But this is NOT MY BIKE!"
Thanks God that I produced a mini series and printed 10 of those knobs beforehand. At the end of the evening I had earned my first 3D printing money. Wanted to give them away for free, but 10 Honda owner showed up paying 1€ per knob.

That's it so far for my first introduction, hoping we might get a very good knowledge resource here at toms3d.orf

Regards Richard
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Introducing myself oakdesign

Post by KomenasJuh » Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:56 pm

Hello introducing my maltese Jackson and Ava Ava will be coming to join us in a few weeks and Jackson is the love of my life. Hope to learn lots of valuable information here.

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