Copying Extruder Motor Output to another Extruder Motor

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Copying Extruder Motor Output to another Extruder Motor

Post by thankHUWverymuch » Thu May 31, 2018 1:59 am


I'm trying to build a printer that prints 2 of the same item at once, I print a lot of the same items and need to ramp up production and don't have space for a second printer! Attached is the picture of the x carriage I am currently thinking of. The objects I am printing are always smaller than the distance between the 2 nozzles.

My thoughts are either to have two extruders driven by 2 stepper drivers OR to have 2 motors driven by 1 driver. Each present their own problems

- For the 2 extruders driven by 2 stepper drivers, the problem is in the gcode, how could I program a gcode file to print a file as normal, but also copy extruder no.1s output, so the file is printed twice. Is there a simple setting in Cura? The gcode itself? Can you turn an 'G1 E(value)' to control 2 extruders identically in Marlin printer firmware perhaps?

- For the 2 extruders driven off 1 stepper, I can use the current gcode files no problem, but I do not know what drivers would be rated to drive 2 motors running at the same time. I am pushing a lot of plastic out too, 2.00mm nozzle and at 6mm/s, so they are working hard.

Which of the two options do you think is the best direction - or another?

Any help would be massively appreciated! Cheers
Penta Printer Vol 2.JPG
Setup of x-carriage
Penta Printer Vol 2.JPG (1.65 MiB) Viewed 653 times

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