Made an external driver board for Rambo Mini - Feedback appreciated

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Made an external driver board for Rambo Mini - Feedback appreciated

Post by SimonNienhaus » Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:49 pm

Hello everyone,

PCB design is absolutely new to me and also my electrical skills are limited. so I am looking for feedback on the first PCBs I did. My target is to add TMC2130s to my Rambo Mini and maybe modify the MK3 firmware to run on it (sans filament sensor, power panic etc).

Using a castellated daughter board to be soldered onto the Rambo Mini it will make use of the test points on the back. This way in Standalone Mode you will not have to adjust anything in Firmware. When using STEP/DIR you will need to connect MISO/MOSI/SCK and of course the respective CS.

Daughterboard PCB

Board scheme
Board PCB

I will make everything available as open source once it's done. Anything to be modified from your point of view? Should I for instance use separate caps for each driver?

Before you ask, yes, it is autorouted but I have adjusted some vias and routes. These were the autorouter settings. If there were any vias on power or driver output I modified the vias to have the hole diameter equal to the trace width and outer diameter twice that (i.e. on the driver output 0.03 inch hole diameter and 0.06 inch outer diameter).

Version 1 is running but I have quite some issues with whining when using SpreadCycle in idle. Is this down to the voltage of 12V?

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