TMC2130/2208 Schottky Diode

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TMC2130/2208 Schottky Diode

Post by ThomasMitschke » Wed Feb 21, 2018 12:17 pm


I'm a bit confused about using a Schottky Diode with a TMC2130 or TMC2208.
Here and here are references to this issue.
I think i fried 2 of my TMC2130 not using one. The issue is that the stepper gets locked in position when I do a move command, but does not turn anymore (with or without SPI mode)

I have an ATX Power supply with 5V standby rail going to the RAMPS. The 12V rail is powered on through marlin by software.
As far as I understand the problem is, that when the 12V rail gets powered on after the 5v rail, some glitch will cause the internal electronics of the TMC to burn....

Can anybody confirm this issue and do I have to use the diode?

Thanks in advance,

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