TMC2130 Debugging - bad driver?

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TMC2130 Debugging - bad driver?

Post by welo78 » Wed Aug 01, 2018 8:17 pm

Hello, I am planning on building my own 3D printer and although I do have all the neccessary parts, I am missing the heart which is a working board with stepper drivers.

Now let's get right into my problem. I was testing my board with TMC2130 drivers connected to a stepper motor, however the X axis motor (altough communicating) did not move a bit. First I was guessing it could be the board, but after switching the Z and X drivers, the problem shifted so that the Z axis did not move at all.

I managed to get TMC_DEBUG working and after M122 I get these results. Notice the PWM scale. This number is always 0 no matter where I move the X axis driver. When moved to Z, the Z axis PWM scale was showing 0.

The drivers are from China from BigTreeTech and I had to solder CFG and unsolder R5 to get them to SPI mode. Board is a RAMPS 1.6. I am currently losing my mind as if to ask for a new driver. I checked the pins and the soldering work but that seems to be in order.

Code: Select all

		X	Y	Z	E0
Enabled		false	false	false	false
Set current	800	800	800	800
RMS current	795	795	795	795
MAX current	1121	1121	1121	1121
Run current	25/31	25/31	25/31	25/31
Hold current	12/31	12/31	12/31	12/31
CS actual		12/31	12/31	12/31	12/31
PWM scale	0	7	7	7
vsense		1=.18	1=.18	1=.18	1=.18
stealthChop	true	true	true	true
msteps		16	16	16	16
tstep		1048575	1048575	1048575	1048575
threshold		0	0	0	0
[mm/s]		-	-	-	-
OT prewarn	false	false	false	false
OT prewarn has
been triggered	false	false	false	false
off time		5	5	5	5
blank time	24	24	24	24
-end			2	2	2	2
-start		3	3	3	3
Stallguard thrs	0	0	0	0
sg_result	0	0	0	0
fsactive					X
stst		X	X	X	X
Driver registers:
	X = 0x80:0C:00:00
	Y = 0x80:0C:00:00
	Z = 0x80:0C:00:00
	E0 = 0x80:0C:80:00

P.S.: Here is a Google Drive album with photos of the bad driver:
P.S.2: Yeah I know they are soldered upside down, but I would rather have them like this instead of messing up their sloppy soldering.
Thank you for all suggestions !

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Re: TMC2130 Debugging - bad driver?

Post by Djam » Wed Aug 01, 2018 11:54 pm

Hi, so I think it's same problem like FYSTEC, Bridge on the TMC board:

The bridge for your board seem to be in the upside...

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Re: TMC2130 Debugging - bad driver?

Post by welo78 » Thu Aug 02, 2018 7:19 am

I did bridge and desolder the connection that they ask.

Here is the pic>

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