TMC2208 Ramps 1.4 - Marlin 1.8

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TMC2208 Ramps 1.4 - Marlin 1.8

Post by phlab » Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:51 pm

Hello people.

I have been running 2208's for a while now, no issues. I have the Fystec versions and am trying to enable UART connection.
I have bridged the cfg pads on the underside of the board, moved the PDN header so it now sticks out the top of the board. Made a Y split cable for RC TX with a 1k resistor on the RX, So now i should be able to control the chips through the FW. But nothing works, the chip still functions but none of the FW features do any thing.

sending m122 shows the voltage as 800, however reading across the vref pin shows 965, so clearly the read and write is not working.

Has anyone got any experience with these chips, seems like a simple enough install, cant figure out what is causing the issue.


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