CTC MK2 clone no LCD after firmware update - SOLVED

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CTC MK2 clone no LCD after firmware update - SOLVED

Post by kraut55 » Wed May 23, 2018 2:06 pm

CTC Prusa i3 Pro MK2S
I am new to 3D printing and ran into a few problems (2 other threads). The LCD did not have any menu item where I could get information about the firmware. So following a video on youtube I tried to update the firmware of the GT2560. As I just found out in the assembly pdf of the printer they warned not to update the firmware. Too late.
Now I have a printer where the LCD lights up but does not show the menu anymore. Is there any way I can get the board to work again or do I have to get a new GT 2560?
Thank you.

Update: After I tried several more times to update the firmware the LCD came to life again.

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