Terrible printing with DaVinci 1.0a modified

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Terrible printing with DaVinci 1.0a modified

Post by yoprogramo » Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:06 am

Some time ago I have purchased a second-hand davinci 1.0a. The previous owner changed the hot end to an E3D model. I changed the firmware to repetier and tried to print ABS or PLA... The ABS is constantly clogging the nozzle (well, the upper part, not the nozzle) and with PLA I'm suffering strange problems like this model:


Can you, please, help me pointing some directions to improve the printing.


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Re: Terrible printing with DaVinci 1.0a modified

Post by Stefan » Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:25 pm

Hi yoprogramo,

Welcome to the forum. I suspect there are several adjustments possible to improve your prints. I would start with adjusting your extruder temperature. Drop it by at least 10 degrees. In addition, look into installing a cooling fan (if you haven't already). The plastic needs to cool relatively quickly once it is extruded, otherwise it will do a poor job of supporting the layer above it.

ABS likes to be extruded at a temperature of 230-240 C. It does not need the cooling fan as that can interfere with layer bonding.

Keep us posted!

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