Building a better3D Scanner-Need Software Help

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Building a better3D Scanner-Need Software Help

Post by DPhillips » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:48 am

I'm building a "scanner" (probably the wrong term) using the Creality 10S hardware. It will mostly be constructed of 3D printed parts with some cheap eBay/Chinese electronics. I want this to be reasonable inexpensive and adaptable to other printers and of course I'll make all the files available. The size based on the CR10 should scan an item perhaps 300mm high by 150mm diameter maximum with selectable very high resolution. It uses a precision probe mounted on the heater assy to probe the item.

My problem is with the code. I have just enough experience to know I need help. Adapt it to the existing CR10 controller or build an Arduino based system from scratch? Or something else? Perhaps a PC host and stepper drivers? And then what to do with a zillion data points? Hopefully end up with an STL file. Or what?

Is there anyone in the community ready to take on such a task? Or can you direct me to someone? Please, this can be a very worthwhile contribution to the 3D experience.

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