Digital Caliper integration into linear rail

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Digital Caliper integration into linear rail

Post by Irish_Engineer » Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:27 pm

I’ve been thinking about the cheapest way to feedback to the controller that a stepper motor has completed its step and also takes into account belt stretching. So what about using the a similar technique to that used on digital calipers where capacitance measurement is used to determine the amount of travel. The strip could be fitted to the linear rail and using a hacked digital caliper to output comms can feed back into the controller.

My first ideas on challenges would be speed which would be dramatically decreased (unless 32bit processing?) and would it really be accurate down to a 100th of a mm? maybe only use it on the z axes.

Anyone got any good ideas as to why this should or shouldn’t work?
Anyone good with firmware to hack this in? I'm a hardware electronics guys so firmware isn't my thing.

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