Lack enclosure mod to keep your filament dry

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Lack enclosure mod to keep your filament dry

Post by JonathanDeBaun(JD) » Sun Aug 12, 2018 9:30 pm

After using a modified version of Tom's lack enclosure I have noticed some properties that might be to be taken advantage of. Namely it traps heat in the print box, possibly enough to utilize.

My crazy idea is enclosing the top level where the spools are and venting hot air from the main print chamber. As heat build to a certain level allow the excess heat that can build to keep the spool chamber at a higher than ambient and almost definitely lower humidity. As a lot of prints are with pla, this could mean closing the door to build temp to help keep filaments dry every time you print. As this is a crazy idea it is untested and may have some unforeseen side effects. i.e. Not allowing sufficient heat for heat hungry filaments, looking at you ABS. Too much heat and things melt like PLA. Added complexity as extra heat sensors/fans/vent slats etc. I currently do not have the capitol to test this out but would love feedback to help develop my hypothesis. Best case scenario someone does it and can give real world data. I have added some rough(sorry I only did one year tech ed.) schematics as well as my rig to see where the inspiration came from. I would really appreciate feedback as when I do acquire capitol or the gall, I will be trying it out as the physics are sound.
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