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by JoeK1973
Fri Jun 08, 2018 3:27 pm
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Topic: If you want to upgrade your Dolly with MGN linear guides ...
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Re: If you want to upgrade your Dolly with MGN linear guides ...

I've got a 'kind of' Dolly i3 Mk2 build printer. I'm just wondering what axes these linear rails would be most useful in? X and Y? Also, does anyone have any links to an i3 build that uses them? Am interested to find out if they have a beneficial effect. I'm guessing not as I imagine Prusa would hav...
by JoeK1973
Thu May 24, 2018 8:44 am
Forum: Hardware
Topic: TMC2130 V1.0 Question
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Re: TMC2130 V1.0 Question

Hello i just got my TMC2130 V1.0 in today and the question is that all the pins are solderderd facing down do i unsolder sdo,cs,sck,sdi pins and turn them up ? Or is the TMC2130 v.1.0 as V1.0 chip set not the same ? Going on MKS Gen L v1.0 main board Thanks for any help That's all I did. I did as y...
by JoeK1973
Mon May 21, 2018 1:00 pm
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Topic: UConduit H-Bot printer design
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Re: UConduit H-Bot printer design

I really like the use of conduit! I don't particularly like the H-Bot thing though - I'd rather use this conduit and build something like a Hypercube, only cheaper from the frame side of things. Definitely interested in maybe having a go at designing it though - it will test my CAD skills!