Anyone tried Klipper?

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Anyone tried Klipper?

Post by JasonZnack » Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:25 pm

Has anyone tried Klipper yet? It sounds really intriguing and seems to be picking up steam.

Basically it replaces the firmware of your microcontroller, and instead uses the micro controller as a motor control unit. The MCU then just executes timed commands to move motors and set temps, etc. The commands themselves are processed on a raspberry pi and streamed over to the MCU in a compressed format. This allows for much higher stepping rates even for 8bit AVR hardware. 150k step rate on a 16Mhz Arduino/RAMPS. It also lets you use multiple microcontrollers as independent MCUs. Even a Raspberry Pi Zero. Each one can control separate motors, heaters, whatever. Delta and CoreXY kinematics are supported. Additional hardware can be added to be used as MCUs. To cap it off it can run on the same RPI you use for Octoprint and Octoprint becomes your front end. Config files can be edited without needing to reflash.

It's basically an end run around the limits of 8bit hardware. People are running smoothly at 120mm/s where they were limited to 60mm/s before. I think it's definitely one to watch. It's matured a lot in the last couple months. I plan to test it out soon. ... you-think/ ...

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Re: Anyone tried Klipper?

Post by oakdesign » Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:12 am

I'm running Klipper since a few weeks not as my main firmware but swap it for testing.
At the moment there is much going on and Klipoer is more than just a beta right now.
Recently support for multi extruders has been added. One feature that is currently missing or better to say needs some tweaking is using an Autolevel sensor. Autoleveling itself is not part yet.
Another thing to mention in oder to get decent print quality at real high speeds linear pressure advance is the most important feature but really needs a direct drive setup.

Klipper printing in action on an Anet A8

Regards Richard
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Re: Anyone tried Klipper?

Post by Jamie » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:29 am

I tried Klipper for a little while.

Positive: It was very easy to setup. The documentation is excellent. The configuration method of editing a file and issuing a restart command is convenient. Even with A4988 on MKS GEN_L the printer "felt" like it was running smoother and there was a slightly audible drop in motor noise. The developer seems positive, is interested in user requests, is clear about what he is and isn't working on personally, and is willing to accept PRs from external developers.

Medium: The bed probing support is still early days. I manual level my printer so this didn't matter for me, but there is a long way to go before it's got great bed probing options like Marlin, or Delta auto-tuning like Marlin and RRF have. Skimming GitHub issues there is no/incomplete BLTouch support as well. People who have complex bed probe/level requirements may be disappointed.

Negatives: I don't really like OctoPrint. I'd prefer the LCD which is disabled with Klipper. I also found it was fiddly to get everything talking to each other again after powering everything off and back on again.

Ultimately it's an interesting project, and definitely a better user experience than Smoothieware, but wasn't for me in its the current state. If Klipper had LCD support I'd be much more willing to use it, even if I had to hook up the LCD2004 or GLCD12864 to the Pi's GPIO pins.

Right now I'm more interested in 32-bit support in Marlin 2.

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Re: Anyone tried Klipper?

Post by mark.everett » Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:55 pm

I find the lack of a GUI for klipper a disappointment also. I would like to fix that but I might not have time till the winter slows outdoor activities down for me. Many come from a stand alone machine tool side of things and are not fans of the everything has to be an IOT side where a lot of guys have that computer networking POV and expect machine tools to be just like their network printer. I may also need another printer to delicate to this so as not to hold up the others for work. I plan to set this up on a full desk top so its easy to develop right there. :)

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Re: Anyone tried Klipper?

Post by AlMcvay » Wed Nov 21, 2018 8:44 pm

I'm using it with a smoothie board V1.4 and OctoPi running touch UI. So far I think its great. And for reasons I dont yet understand a print quality issue I have been fighting was solved with this setup as well. I have been struggling with developing a usable interface with the smoothie board and the OctoPi with the touch UI plugin is much better than anything my efforts to date have produced. The Klipper firmware is much less troublesome and performance is improved. I need more time to evaluate but so far I would highly recommend.

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