DIY delta kossel XXXL

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DIY delta kossel XXXL

Post by yacoub.saleh » Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:53 pm

hi thomas how are you,i need your help withe my diy kossel delta xxxl 3d printer firmware i uploaded the kossel mini firmware and Anycubic_kossel and Marlin-RC they didn't work can you help me with this problem.
i need help with the firmware and and configuration for the printer
specs:L 600 mm W 600 mm H 1250 mm
build volume D 450mm H 740 mm
0.9 degree stepper fore the xyz and 1.8 degree for the extruder.
20 tooth pulleys gt2 belt.
arduino mega 2560,ramps 1.4,stepper motor driver 8825.

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