Marlin Upgrade for Monoprice MP i3 or Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini

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Marlin Upgrade for Monoprice MP i3 or Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini

Post by nathanmichaelmoore » Thu Sep 20, 2018 7:39 pm

I bought a Monoprice MP i3 when ebay had a really good deal for it. I have a link to the printer posted below. It is my understanding that this is just a re-branded Wanhao duplicator i3 mini. The current version of marlin on it is 1.1.4 and I would like to upgrade to the latest firmware. I watched Tom's video on this where he upgrades the Eender 3 but have some questions of my own before I continue.

How can I verify that this should be able to work before I start? For example do I need to make sure marlin supports this motherboard? Its probably based of off an opensource motherboard but i'm not sure how to find out which as the markings on the board are just Wanhao branding. The older firmware is available on github, so as long as the motherboard is supported by marlin, I should be able to extract any important data from this old config and make a new one right? Just set up a new config and extract the end stop, step/mm, and feedrates from the old config and plug them into the new config.

Thank you for anyone taking the time to answer my questions it is greatly appreciated, happy printing everyone!

Monoprice MP i3 link: ... SwZB1bnIsc

Pictures of Control Board: ... ni/a-22837

i3 mini Old marlin source:

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