Slicer Supports Settings for Mk3

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Slicer Supports Settings for Mk3

Post by Danyboy » Sat Mar 24, 2018 12:07 pm

Hi folks,

I got my Mk3 now for two months and it's running almost non-stop...
...I'm lovin' it... :)
...and I'm still blown away on a daily basis on how consistent and reliable the prints are.

But as I started to step-up and print models that need supports, I'm running into problems...
The standard-settings are not producing the results I was expecting...
With PLA, the two uppermost layers of the support stick unseperable to the object. A groove where a sealing-element should have been inserted, which has a designed width of 4mm got printed with 3,6mm width and super-ugly surface.
With ABS, the distance between supports and object seems too big, as the object gets printed into thin air, resulting in a frayed underside where it should have been supported. Modified settings: Layer-height of 0.15mm, contact Z distance of 0.075mm - still not supporting at all...
Both material give unuseable results.

Now before I waste more spools to find successfull settings...
Does anyone out there have success with the supports on the Mk3?
Mind sharing your settings for the different materials?
Or maybe someone out there who owns a Mk2 with MMU would like to give a go at a multimaterial-print for me? I gladly pay for materials spent and for shipping...

A solution would be the MMU with solubable supports. Hell, actually I wouldn't even need the solubable supports, as I could print the sealing ring right in place... :) Which is why I did order the MMU last november along with the Mk3. But according to what support told me, I can only expect it toward end of May...
And I definitely need to print some essential tools. :(

Cheers from sunny switzerland,

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