Anyone successfully build Smartrap Mini

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Anyone successfully build Smartrap Mini

Post by bentech4u » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:12 pm

Hi All,

i would like to build the Smartrap mini and there no much information on the internet about that printer. only I found some videos that too different language (not English). ... RtIbhhQFxa

If anyone successfully assembled this printer, please share the plan/documents/build guide with me.

Thanks & Regards,

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Re: Anyone successfully build Smartrap Mini

Post by orbitalair » Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:26 pm

Yes I have !!

I should have a webpage up soon with a full discussion, photos, Bill of Materials, and reworked CAD parts of this design.

I spent about 8 months working with the original, then re-working parts. First I redrew the CAD of the original parts, because trying to tweak them in STL and mesh mixers was just not working for me, A few parts, even the best meshmixer would not properly load or save.
Then there was the hopelessly screwed up hardware lists. I think I have 3x as many screw types as necessary.

SmartRap suffered from have all its versions and variants all mixed up.
The number one question I found was, what parts do I use?

My goal is to provide a better base of CAD files, and also the CAD tools, and a better way to manage the versions.
I would also like to make some money by selling parts and kits.
There is still some work to be done to redesign some improvement steps.

The SmartRap is EXCELLENT for learning exactly how a 3D printer works.
The SmartRap is a poor choice for a dead reliable perfect machine that costs $3000.

The SmartRap can be conveniently built up into 3 easy sizes, 150x150mm, 200x200mm and 250mmx250mm
Other sizes can be made, but result in wastage of materials, due to rods coming in 1m lengths.

My SmartRap, 160x200x220mm volume.
Glass plate (nonheated) PLA only.
Max speed is about 50mm/s, all metal e3d clone is quirky but runs 0.4mm nozzle.
Fishing line works, but wears out.
Plastic bushings work, but are a wee bit sloppier. After I put in real metal bearings I found a way to make plastic parts slicker, and I will build a new SmartRap to test it out.
Marlin firmware, I have tweaked the latest version to work with the smartrap design params.


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