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rambo ? 1.4 mks keyestudio board replace

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 6:57 am
by PaulCole
i have a velleman vertex k8400 printer with its standard board
i was flashing firmware and the power burped and now i cant flash the board anymore
(i jsut bought a programmer avrasp mk2 but cant get that to recognize in window10 so bleh)

so backup plan was to swap the board in the subject line for the vellmean one.. as they looked to have all the same connectors.. and more just the display is different but its still a 4x20 display and sd all in one.. so i figure its just a patch cable construction

im not having luck however as this is outside my usual scope and arduino is a bit of a learnign curve for me

i am available to discord/live video chat google hangouts or whatever to make this go..

so far i was able to install marlin 1.1 firmware on the board with the vertex k8400 template included in it
i ahve dual extruders on it.. (which what i was flashign to start with)

i am lost .. in theory the old board should work if i could reflash it..
or the new one should work by adding cables (skipped the display for now) and though the board responds to commands now( software wise) it doesnt move any of the steppers
omdreams gmail com
paul cole

im better in voice i am a bit dylsexic in type

Re: rambo ? 1.4 mks keyestudio board replace

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:52 pm
by PaulCole

Re: rambo ? 1.4 mks keyestudio board replace

Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 10:14 pm
by Stefan
Hi Paul,

In theory, it appears that the swap should work. However, it may not be as straight-forward as a replug and play. We will need some additional information. When you say that the board responds to software commands, I imagine that you are using the printer connected to Repetier (since that is what the Velleman ships with). Is the new board powering up? Can you heat the bed or extruder? Does the printer report temperatures? Does the printer report when endstops are hit?

Our first step is to be sure that the board is actually working and properly running the firmware. Hopefully, you have a volt meter available, because we will also want to check if any power is going to the motors (we'll get to that). Let us know what DOES work at this point and we can move from there.


Re: rambo ? 1.4 mks keyestudio board replace

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:42 am
by PaulCole
?It responds with repetir software . but does not move the steppers or heat anything up
(i don have heated bed yet or a bltouch)

the display that comes with the vellemen k8400 willbe challenging to me .as the cables are not the same
Image velleman specs on the board for video connector
Image is teh mks board pin diagram i could find( not too helpful to me)

Image Image are the images of teh two parts that make the one board (sd reader and display module) the display sockets to teh single roow socket and then the cable goes to the main board.. pin 1 is red..
VElleman Wiring pdf
to match the yellow diagram on thier pdf here

Image is the setup i currently have conencted to teh old velleman cables and jumpers ( i removed and moved some plastic shrouds so cables would fit as they were not the same style ( what style do i call these so i can order parts)

the x y z min stops i had wrong as they are xmin xmax ymin etc.. so i had to skip every second one as i only had min stops)
Image is teh current setup without the wires..

i triple checked the steppers silkscreens to match the silkscreen on teh 1.4 board
they are drv8825 chips and i believe tuned for the steppers on the velleman at factory

i cant seem to find docs for the video config on that cable that are clear enough for me to match to the mks gen 1.4 board 's split connectors

also not sure if i am configging the marlin files correctly ( doing my best to recover a printer i destroyed thats my friends here.. long term loan but when flashing firmware on teh original velleman board for the second time power burped and the board wont flash anymore

i tried comparing the velleman k8400 firmware to the mks1.4 and then changing the board name in teh config though i suspect thats the wrong way to go

i ahve dual extruders on the printer... but only just wired int eh second one..

i ahve a couple of programmer boards to try to flash the original board back to factory but they dont seem to wnat to work in windows or be recognised

sooy about typos but im a bit dyslexic and somtiems get very tired at spellcheck... all theletters are there jsut soemtimes wrong order.. the brain works reading it tho..
so i need two helps here -
1. configging the marlin firmware latest version to the mks1.4 board so all works properly
2. configgign the wiring for the velleman display cable to connect to the mks 1.4 board
3.(future) finding parts to use locally(vancouver BC) for bltouch and heated bed and maybe someone to print me a fan shroud or two till i get the printer running ..

Image (virgin mks1.4 with steps)
(mks1.4 wired in version1 )
Image (velleman display pt1 back)

Image (velleman display pt2 back)
Image (velleman pdf silkscreen video connector info)
Image (original velleman board)
Image MKS 1.4 Pin diagram i could find
Image image of board video pins (note none are designated that i could find)

new board is keyestudio mks base 1.4 3d printer controller board

Re: rambo ? 1.4 mks keyestudio board replace

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 8:56 am
by PaulCole
Made this image in paint to try to figure pin matchign for display
hope i could read the micro print well enough
but im confused because they dont match the two connectors for the display on teh mks .. where do i find out what pins go where

Re: rambo ? 1.4 mks keyestudio board replace

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 9:34 am
by PaulCole

based on what i coudl find about those 2 connectors ext1 and ext2 based on standard 4x20 display pinouts
this is the wiring i came up with so far.. shoudl i jsut match 7-7 etc.. for the remainder

IGNORE THIS POST ( saved only for referencing if needed.. just bloggin the thought process)

Re: rambo ? 1.4 mks keyestudio board replace

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 9:54 am
by PaulCole
actually that doc must be old -- see im getting confused
this one is better.. and the lettering matches.

color code the ones that matched..

but what are ph and pa and pc on the velleman display

Re: rambo ? 1.4 mks keyestudio board replace

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:06 pm
by Stefan
Hi Paul,

I think you are getting way ahead of yourself. Let's focus on power before worrying about the display. In your photo of the connected keystudio board, you do not have the power connected properly. There is only one (red) wire from a power supply where there needs to be at least one ground (black). Nothing else will work without this pair of leads connected to the right terminals. Please check this first. Then see if the heat bed and extruder turn on.


Re: rambo ? 1.4 mks keyestudio board replace

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:12 pm
by PaulCole
lets not worry abbot the power.. its fixed
I have been up all night trying to figure out the relationship of the pins with the vellman display verse the mks display and sd connectors..
its haunting me and keeping me awake
(ultimaker clone)

apologies. still need help

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:27 pm
by PaulCole
sorry if I sound snippy.. haven't slept in close to 36 hours i will remove previous