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Firmware Update in Hex

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 6:50 am
by winterlion
Anycubic Kossel Upgraded Pulley

So I purchased this 3D printer but when I tried to auto level with their auto leveling probe (V2) it kept boring into the heating bed.
I youtubed a solution using Da Hai's custom Marlin 1.1.9 firmware ( However, I didn't have a backup of the old firmware that was originally installed on the machine so when I tried to input the correct parts for my machine like the steppers, motherboard or the PID (I don't even know how to run my own PID) I realized that I didn't look over the firmware for it. So, I emailed Anycubic and I sent them a video of what my machine was doing. They sent me a file to clear the EEPROM and to upload new firmware. Once I installed the new firmware, I tried to auto level and it doesn't bore into the heating bed but it also doesn't go all the way down to the board either so once it finished and I told it to measure the Z Level then I replaced the Old Z level with the new Z level per the included booklet. I opened up Cura 15.04.6 (Yes, I also have the newer version also) and tried to print the test file a 20x20x10 cube and it just printed in the air.

Now I want to read the firmware to read all the information I need in order to try and use Da Hai's custom firmware but I can't open the hex file in Arduino. Any ideas how I can pull the firmware from the machine or how to convert the hex files to arduino?

What I know: Trigorilla motherboard.
What I don't know: Stepper Motor, PID (or how to run it)

Re: Firmware Update in Hex

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 10:02 pm
by Row_CZ
I am not sure if it is even possible as a user read values from firmware directly in hex.
But if you need to define just some parameters, you should be able to dig them from the internet or find out yourself.
Now I am not sure which parameters you can get but you can send a M503 command and you should recieve some configuration stored in EEPROM.
I don't have this or similar printer so I can be wrong and also I don't know what parameters exactly you need to know about motors, but probably it have a standard NEMA17 steppers with 200 steps per revolution.
You probably will need to define also how many microsteps provide your drivers, it depends on driver type and its setting via jumpers. Trigorrila is an atmega based board so I expect probably usual drivers with 16microsptes but It also can be DRV8825 with 32 microsteps so you need to find out.
Also you will need to know how many teeth is on your pulley (count them) and what is belt teeth pitch. Then you can set stepps per milimeter value (probably this is the value you need to set correctly) calucalted for example with this calculator
According to PID in Marlin you can use PID autotune function. This will make some tests and return you best values you put in your firmware. There is nice tutorial directly from Tom itself

According to your question I hardly recommend you to find some more information about 3d printers and how they works and study them. As I said i don't have a delta printer so I am not sure (I don't need to know for now) how many differences are in Marlin settings for them but I am pretty sure that at least basic configuration will be similar so you can start with this tutorial (it is for older version but it should be good enought)

You can also try to find prepared marlin config for your printer directly.

Good luck