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Mk3 to mk2 idler space required

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:17 pm
by Schwartzer
Hello. I am new to the form and 3d printers. I am trying to build a mk3ish clone. The only part i am currenly planning on changing for printed parts is the idler. I took the mk3 and added Tom’s bearing cutout so you can run the mk8 gear against a bearing. Curently the original clearance is about .02mm clearance from the main body. (Swinging toward the steppershaft) With my version the 16mm bearing has .013mm clearance from the extruder filament pyramids. Should i leave it and do a dremel clean up if required?
Second question mk3 has the idler the same hight as the stepper shaft. The mk2 bearing appears to sit .5mm higher than the stepper shaft in z direction. Is that correct? Anyone see any issues doing this? If someone wants to test it i can post the models.