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Extruder not working

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:34 pm
by celliott
Hi there

I own a low end 3D printer Cocoon Create which I used for around 1 year with very little issues.

Then the following events occurred:
1. Without warning, the printer failed to turn on
2. I sent the printer back and was repaired under warranty
3. When I got the printer back, it was placed into storage for around 6 months
4. I un-boxed and setup my 3D printer
5. Now it won't print where the extruder seems to get clogged or similar issue

One important thing to point out, when the printer was in storage for 6 months, so was the filament. Now I live in Australia and the filament was in storage in my shed over summer and was exposed to temperatures of 40+ deg C. So when I printed following taking out of storage, I used this filament to print with.

So now when I print, it seems to start off ok, but always stops extruding. This can happen either straight away or after a few hours of printing. In order to resume printing, I heat up the print head to 215 deg C and manually extrude and I need to push down on the filament quite hard to start the filament flowing again. Once it starts extruding, it seems fine and I manually extrude at least 20cm of filament.

I purchased some new filament which is stored correctly as per the instructions on the box. Tried printing again and still the issue remains.

I tried doing a cold pull without success. Then I tried a hot pull with some transparent filament and removed some foreign material from the inside of the nozzle.

I also tried printing at both 190 deg C and 220 deg C which is the range of the new filament I purchased, changed various printer settings i.e. slower print speed, less or no retraction , but still no good.

Does anyone have any ideas or further tests I can do to try to solve this issue?



Re: Extruder not working

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 4:21 pm
by Moorviper
Do some cold pulls

Re: Extruder not working

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 1:15 pm
by celliott
I tried several times to do a cold pull and was unsuccessful.

Every time, the filament broke and left some filament within the nozzle.

The cold pull procedure was as follows:
1. Force filament down the extruder until it extrudes normally.
2. Cooldown the print head until it gets to room temperature.
3. Set head temperature to 170 deg C (manual setting jumps from 0 - 170 deg C).
4. While its heating up, pull up firmly on the filament with the extruder disengaged.
5. Filament snaps at around 150 deg C.

Any other ideas.