Need help setting up Ramps and mega conversion

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Need help setting up Ramps and mega conversion

Post by JacobLindsay » Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:08 pm

I've posted this problem before but I took a long break because I got irritated. I have an ANET a8 and upgraded the board to the common RAMPS 1.4 and MEGA with TMC 2130s (I think). In the beginning there was a list of issues that I slowly worked down. What seems to be keeping me from printing now is inability to heat either the hot end or heat bed. I plan on going through and creating more solid connections from the board to the heating elements and then wiping the current program and reinstalling. Im doing this because honestly I forgot what I fixing last so best to start over. The question I have now is in regards to my power supply. I have the stock power supply and it seems like the heating takes to long, especially when trying to heat both at once. Could this be because the power supply is not strong enough. I may also put back the stock carriage to remove the variables of the Bowden setup. ( I have the firmware that came originally on the printer so the hope was to just go in and change the board settings) Any advice is appreciated because im clueless :lol:

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Re: Need help setting up Ramps and mega conversion

Post by Stefan » Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:21 pm

Hi JL,

Welcome back! If you are getting power to the bed and extruder and they are heating up any amount, that is a good sign. If your power supply is able to deliver 20W you should be fine. What I would suggest it that you tune your PID settings for both heater cartridges. PID's affect the feedback loop between the temperature sensor and the incoming power. If this loop is not properly adjusted, you can have a very slow heating cycle or a very fast rate that overshoots your desired temperature. This is a good place to start. Our host (before he grew a beard!)

These are steps you should go through regardless, so your time won't be wasted if you try this as a first solution.

Good luck!

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