How to wire SilentStepStick (TMC2130) - burnt arduino

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How to wire SilentStepStick (TMC2130) - burnt arduino

Post by Julz » Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:11 am

Hi All,

Novice question.

I am bench testing a SilentStepStick board, just with an arduino uno, and a stepper.
Have the motor operational thanks to code from watterott - however, "all the smoke leaked out" of the arduino ATmega328P chip - its fried.

The cook occured slowly, over perhaps 60 seconds, until visible smoke. I noticed the faint smell, and was checking the driver and the stepper for heat - but it was the arduino that gave a puff and freed it's pixies.

Could a ground loop be the problem?

I'm running 24v to VM, and 5v to Vio, both from completely separate sources - both power supplies connected to mains independently.

Question: How to connect the ground to this board? I see there are two ground pins. Should one connect the ground from the 5V source to one gnd pin, and the other ground from the 24v power supply to the second gnd pin? Or would this have been what caused the last smokey night of this arduino?
The other thing I noticed, when connecting the Arduino USB plug - many blue sparks were visable around the grounding of the plug - Can I assume from this that there is 24v voltage where there should not be??

TL:DR: Do you need to connect to one, or both GND pins on the SilentStepStick?

Appreciate any suggestions, am new to this.



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Re: How to wire SilentStepStick (TMC2130) - burnt arduino

Post by oakdesign » Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:43 pm

To separate sources, two separate gnd. You should wire the 24V the the VM and GND pin on the Driver directly the 5V VIO from the Arduino
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regards Richard
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